Dear Dr. Frankowitz,

Thank you so much for your patience and making sure my braces are off for the wedding! They look AWESOME!  You're the best! Thanks!!!

-Hannah S.


Thank you so much for being my Orthodontist.  If it were anyone else, I don't know if I would have ever gotten through it.

P.S Hope you kick cancer's butt.

-William M.

My experience with Dr. Frankowitz Orthodontics treatment was absolutely exceptional!!! From beginning to end I was thoroughly informed and embraced with polite and professional treatment from the staff. I commend Dr. Frankowitz for her obvious love for her profession. Her constant drive for perfection incites a feeling of confidence in me by knowing that I'm not just "another patient." She showed whole heartedly how she wanted me to be happy with the end result of the treatment. I trust her completely with the care of my teeth. Thank you ladies.

-Chris V.

The very first moment I walked in Dr. Staci Frankowitz office, I felt I was at home. The staff is very nice, pleasant people to be with when you go for your visits. They are great! Dr. Frankowitz is awesome! I can only say good things about them and recommend this office to everyone, kids and adults. I NEVER thought that my smile could look as good as it does. I got confidence now. I LOVE MY SMILE. Thank you Dr. Frankowitz for giving me a beautiful smile! Love you

-Denise B

Hi my name is Sandra K. and I have been an ongoing patient at Dr. Frankowitz's office for over two and a half years.  My time here has been absolutely fantastic.  My first day ever coming here was splendid; I could feel the warm, genuine hospitality as soon as I walked through those doors.  Not only is the staff highly intelligent and creative, they are also friendly and welcoming.  They talked to me not as if I were a patient, but as if I was a long-time friend.  Dr. Frankowitz was probably the nicest person I've ever met.  She is a ball of energy and regardless on how her day went, whether it was good or bad, she always has a smile on her face.  Words truely can't desribe my pleasant time spent spent here and I would definitely recommend to anybody of any age who wants to improve their smile with a pleasant experience, then call up Dr. Frankowitz now.  You won't regret, I know I didn't.

-Sandra K.

Besides for the amazing results I received from Frankowitz Orthodontics, the care and consideration of the staff is out of this world.  The environment is so friendly and warm.  Just walking into her office puts a smile on my face.  Dr. Frankowitz is really easy to connect to; she has great relationships with her patients.  It's like she has been part of my family for all these years: starting with my eldest brother, all the way to my twin and me.  Since she is a perfectionist at heart, that characteristic truly benefited my smile.  Thank you, Dr. Frankowitz and staff, for a wonderful experience.

-Sara S.

Thank you for all the hard work you put into my teeth. You have always been kind throughout all my appointments. You had a plan for three years and now I appreciate your vision. You were always dead set on your goals for me and you won't quit until you get it just right. My teeth are great and I really really appreciate everything you have done for me and my family are also happy with the results.

-Shane R.

Dear Dr. Frankowitz,

I can't thank you enough for giving me aligned teeth.  Whenever someone tells me, "Wow, you have some nice teeth!", I'll respond by saying, "Yea its a Frankowitz masterpiece." Once I become a weatherman, I will be a common face on TV.  Thanks to you, Fox 5 News will have a weatherman with symmetrical teeth.  I won't forget to give you a live shout-out.  My sister, Riana A., will also be another patient of yours that will present the works of the one-and-only Dr. Frankowitz on live TV.  She is on her way heading into the worfield of Media and Communications.  Once again, thank you for the sedulous work on my teeth.


-Reynaldo A.

I, Daniel J., had a fantastic experience for my treatment.  It was long, but very effective. Dr. F and her knowledge helped gain an incredible smile.  During the treatment she guided me through what exactly she was going to do, and explained if very clearly.  She also gave me options and told me the outcomes.  The overall treatment was a success, and I will highly recommend this practice to others.  Thank you very much Dr. F.

-Daniel J.

Thank you very much Dr. Frankowitz for fixing my teeth.  I can't believe the difference in my teeth from the first appointment to the last.  I'm so glad I came here to fix my teeth because you guys did an awesome job.  I went from having buck teeth with many spaces to straight teeth and no spaces.  I am so grateful to you guys for fixing my teeth.

Thank you,

-Yosef S.

Dear Dr. Frankowitz,

I want to thank you for the excellent care I received during these years.  You are the most gentle and caring doctor any patient could wish for.  Thanks for my beautiful smile.

-Ana C.

Thank you so much for everything!  I would come to some visits upset, but always left with a smile! Dr. Frankowitz is the best! Thanks again.

-Hannah L.

Dear Dr. Frankowitz,

I really want to thank you and everyone on your staff who stayed by me throughout these years.  It seems like yesterday I walked into your office with my mother to get evaluated for my brackets.  I appreciate the hard work and dedication you provide for me and I really love the end result.  Before, I never liked my smile but now I have a new hope.  Thank you so much, everyone, really.  You are all apart of my life and apart of my success.

-Your buddy Terrick H.

When I came in to Dr. Frankowitz's office she told me from the get go I would be a difficult case.  Over the course of my treatment, her work ethic and attention to detail made me know I was getting the best treatment.  I'm sure many other orthodontists would not have gone to the lengths she did for my treatment (even going as far as researching a newer open bite treatment to treat me and her patients.)  The staff are the best and so friendly and they made my treatment that much better.  I recommend Dr. Frankowitz to all my friends and family for their orthodontic treatment, and I am incredibly satisfied with my results.

-Jake F.

Dear Dr. Frankowitz,

Thanks for everything through the past couple of years.  My teeth are perfect because of all your hard work.  Thanks again.

-Your favorite patient, Shua N.

Thank you so much!  My teeth look amazing and I feel great. I can smile all day and night.

-Risa S.

Thank you for everything!  Everyone was so helpful and nice to me.  Even though it took a while, I am so greatful for a great smile.

- Thanks, Zach C.

Dear Dr. Frankowitz,

Thank you so much for making me have amazing teeth! :) You're awesome!

-Jenie Anne D.

Before I had braces, I was scared and embarrased to smile or laugh for I did not like how my teeth were positioned.  I wanted them to be fixed, however, I was scared of getting braces because I thought they would hurt.  Now knowing that it is not a big deal, I would have gone back in time to get them earlier if I could.  Even though braces were annoying at first and I did not like the appearance, I soon got used to them and had many memories with them on.  For example. I remember not being able to chew gum for about two years.  I got so used to my braces that it felt awkward taking them off.  I am so grateful for my new teeth and smile often every day.  if anyone were to ever ask for my opinion on whether or not braces is something they should have, my answer would be yes!  i want to thank the whole staff and if smiling is something healthy, I guess I am now in well being!

-Jorge M.

Dr. Frankowitz,

Thank you so much for my new smile!  It makes such a big difference!

-Love, Allie

Dr. Frankowitz and all of the assistants who work with her,

Thank you for all of the years of hard work.  Thank you for taking me on moments notice.  Thank you so much.

-Sincerely, Akiva W.

Thank you so much for my new smile!  Everyone has been so helpful through this whole process.  Thanks again!

-Alessandra T.

Dear Dr. Frankowitz and friends,

I remember when I met most of you several years ago. it was a very good group of doctors and assistants that did my teeth and gave me a very nice smile.  I will miss all of you and wish you the best of luck.

-Edward P.H.

Dear Dr. Frankowitz,

Thank you for making me a better smile.  Although it took years it was all worth it.  Thanks again and I hope to see you in the near future.

-Paige S.

I had a very good experience with Dr. Frankowitz.  It wasn't fun at time, but I am very happy with the results.  I have a very nice smile now and all those years of having braces paid off.  Her and her staff were very nice and good throughout the whole process.  I love my new smile because of Frankowitz Orthodontics.

-Love, Jill S.

Dear Dr. Frankowitz,
I have told you many times that you have been so good to me and so patient with me. Even when at times I didn’t listen and broke a bracket you always kept your patience. We always got along and you were always friendly. I would not just consider you my orthodontist but my friend. Thank you for the smile you gave me and friendliness and for caring for me. I wish you good luck with your office in the future. Thank you.

-Christian C.

Dear Dr. Frankowitz,
Thank you sooooo much for giving me a beautiful smile and being so patient!

-Alyssa C.

Dear Dr. Frankowitz,
Thank you so much for giving me a beautiful smile. Before, I would never want to take pictures, and now I can’t wait to show all my friends my new beautiful smile.

- Britney B.

Thank you, Dr. Frankowitz for making my teeth beautiful.

-Amy W.

Dear Dr. Frankowitz,
Thank you for all you have done, my teeth look great and you present out of the box alternatives that work well if not better. My old dentist wanted to pull out a tooth. When you looked at me you gave me a few alternatives that let me keep my teeth. I am grateful to you; that you were the one to do my braces.

-Jonathan V.

You are wonderful! Thanks for all of the great service, patience, & work!

 -Jamie D.

Thanks for the smile- it all paid off!

-Guy R.

Dr. Frankowitz,
Thank you so much for all your expertise and for all the extra time, care, and attention you gave me these past years. Seeing how far I’ve come, I really am happy I went through with the braces, considering I originally would’ve preferred pulling the tooth and skipping the braces all together!! I made it through thanks to how wonderful you and your staff are! Again, thank you so so much for everything!!!

-Nicole F. 

Dear Doctor Frankowitz,
Thank you can’t even begin to express my gratitude for you. Your team has been the best group of friends to work on my mouth. I have a beautiful smile thanks to you guys. I will always remember and visit you guys. 

-Tim S.

I love you! Thank you so much for my beautiful smile. During those years I’ve had braces I hated them so much but now that they’re off I miss them. You have made my teeth straight, my smile is beautiful and I appreciate it a lot. Thank you Dr. Frankowitz!!

Jasmine F.

Dr. Frankowitz did a tremendous job and gave me the smile I always wanted. Dr. Frankowitz and the staff were very friendly and professional. I always enjoyed and looked forward to every visit. 

Branden C.

Thank you so much for everything you’ve done for me. I came in scared & nervous but you showed me you are there & I couldn’t be more thankful to have you as my orthodontist. My teeth are unimaginable all thanks to you! Thanks for everything!

Hedva W.

I had a wonderful experience with Dr. Staci Frankowitz. She completely transformed my smile. I am more than thrilled with the way my teeth look. Dr. Staci listened to me and really delivered the look I wanted. Thanks so much for everything!!

-Zoe R.

Thanks so much I appreciate it. All the compliments I have received its all thanks to you guys. Thanks!! I also won best smile in school and it’s all thanks to you. Thanks.

DeAundre J.

Dear Dr. Frankowitz,
I want to thank you for the beautiful smiles you have given my children. Evan and Maria have been so fortunate to have you as their orthodontist. You have done such a great job. Not only do their teeth look wonderful, but your warm and caring manner has actually made them look forward to coming in for their appointments with you. Your office staff is also a pleasure to deal with. Each and every one of them has been so very nice, not just to my children, but to me as well. I am so happy to have chosen you as our orthodontist.

-Mom of Evan and Maria V.  

Thank you Dr. Frankowitz! I love my new smile. You did a great job and everyone in your office was always so kind that I never minded coming. Thank you!!


Thank you so much for straightening my teeth. I enjoy coming here every time. You’re always really nice when I come in.

-Omar T.

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